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Join us on the journey and be one of those influencing the direction of Czech education and thus the future of the entire Czech Republic.


- Fundamental changes to the domestic education system
- The effective introduction of modern strategies into teaching practices
- Funding elementary and secondary schools
- The relationship between the state and the private sector


- Looking forward - Education FOR the future
- The successful marriage of alternative with traditional practices
- Attracting and involving parents; drawing them into the education system


  • The Economia media house and the news portal Aktuálně.cz are organizing a unique event focused on modern trends in teaching and education at elementary and secondary modern schools.  
  • The aim of the event is to inspire experts and the general public with the latest approaches to children‘s education and create a platform where experts can share in-depth inside knowledge about current trends, technologies and experience working with teachers, pupils and parents, and put this together to help schools.
  • We want to start some progressive changes to the Czech educational system and initiate a debate between the state, schools and the private sector regarding changes to the Czech education system, which we feel may be necessary for the future success and development / prosperity of The Czech Republic.

The three-day festival will offer a combination of trade-fair, workshops, inspiring lectures –with an accompanying programme intended for both professionals and the general public.

14.11. - Thursday

The first we start is CRUCIAL
Elementary Education 

15.11. - Friday

Preparation for LIFE – The secondary teacher of the future...
Secondary education 

16.11. - Saturday

The family is the foundation for education.
Working together - linking the family and the education system from nursery schools up to secondary schools 


Fair Zone

Exhibition area with stands offering products and services



Main stage

Main programme stage with a 2oo person capacity, where there will be the festival‘s keynote speakers


Hyde park stage

The second main stage with an 80 person capacity, designed to present technological, methodological and learning innovations


PREF Classrooms

6 smaller spaces with a 40 person capacity, where there’ll be demonstration lessons, presentations by schools, teachers, pupils, educational aids, etc.


VIP Zone

Backstage with special services for participants and festival partners - refreshments, promotional materials, meeting the speakers, etc.

Programme Organisation – key players 

The quality of the scheduled events is guaranteed by respected notables who are involved in the long-term issue of education.

A prominent Czech economist who became the founder of the 6D Academy consulting firm after being involved in the most important home-grown financial institutions (CNB, CS, etc.). He is one of the most prominent personalities in the field of new trends in education and actively seeking to change the whole school system in the Czech Republic.

Pavel Kysilka
6D Academy

The distinguished and successful Head of The Smíchov Secondary Technical School, who has pioneered a new way of teaching, focusing on the needs and requirements of the 21st century. Thanks to his initiative, students have a great deal of extraordinary opportunities for their personal development. This is positively reflected in the above-average evaluation of the school compared to others.

Radko Sáblík
the Head of The Smíchov Secondary Technical School 

The co-founder of the Kalibro project, which has provided feedback to Czech elementary and secondary schools since 1993. He has been involved in the implementation of international OECD evaluation projects in the Czech Republic (PISA, TIMSS and PIAAC). Today, he is the director of Kalibro Project, which systematically maps the development of Czech education system in terms of pupils' knowledge and skills, school climate, relationships and communication between pupils, parents and teachers.

David Souček
Kalibro Project

Publicist, analyst. Head of Communication and Analysis at the EDUin think tank, the author of the annual Audit of the Education System in the Czech Republic, one of the authors of the book 2036, which looks into the future of (not only) education. Co-worker of Aspen Institute Central Europe, DOX Center for Contemporary Art, Rector of VŠEM, Advisory Board of Educational Project Heuréka, Working Group Education in the South Moravian Region. Adviser in the field of education of the candidates of Senators Nicholas Bek and Jiří Drahoš. Editor of the British Letters, Speaker (TEDx, Colors of Ostrava, Jihlava Film Festival).

Bob Kartous
Head of Analysis and Communication in EDUin

Successful and progressive Head who has changed the form and face of her elementary school since 2000. The school is one of the pilots that started to create their own school education program, and they included the subject of personal education in the curriculum from the 1st to the 9th grade. They use modern teaching methods, they strive for an individual approach. The whole year is marked by many events for children and parents from school and the general public.

Marie Pojerová
Head of Hanspaulka Elementary School

Main partner

Main media partner

With cooperation

Media partners

Why partner with us?

You will SEE

The largest media coverage over The Czech Republic (Hospodářské noviny, Ekonom, Moderní řízení,, Aktuálně.cz).

You will HEAR

All-year-round emphasis on this theme within the scope of our various titles within the Economia media house, addressing the readers of Hospodářský noviny and other titles – national broadsheets and online news, directly reaching festival attendees, high visibility across our various media campaigns. 


Association with up-to-date, trending, expert and inspirational events.

You will be able to CONTACT

Within the scope of our range of you can make your name visible to a broad target group that shares a common interest in education.

You will be in GOOD COMPANY

The event will be overseen and patronised by government ministries such as the Ministry of Education, trade unions, and also the largest most professional organisations in Czech education. 

You will do BUSINESS

within the scope of the trade section within the festival you will be able to introduce and offer your products and services to many potential clients.

You will be ON-LINE

seeing things within the scope of the festival microsite is to be taken for granted, but all participants will be able to access a free festival application for mobile devices.

You will be PROUD

You can be a part of an event that makes absolute sense to help change the Czech education system.


We are looking for strong and stable partners for a mutually beneficial long-term working relationship.


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